Turnkey refurbishing projects

Large-scale projects are often too complex to divide up while ensuring excellent results.
This is precisely why Ellevi offers turnkey solutions for all fitout and refurbishing projects.


From in-house manufacturing to a network of specialised suppliers, even covering electrical and plumbing systems, up to maintenance of the finished product, we manage and oversee each phase of the process.
Our start-to-finish approach guarantees the success of our clients’ projects.

Engineering & design

We work side-by-side with architects and project managers to optimise each project, ensuring the highest quality in terms of execution, budget compliance and deadlines.

Manufacturing facilities

Many of our production processes take place in-house. This means we control all manufacturing phases, making us more flexible and responsive.
Our exclusive know-how makes it possible to combine cutting-edge industrial innovation with the craftsmanship and attention to detail that special projects require.

We are equipped with the most advanced technological resources used in the carpentry industry today. In addition, our products adhere to CE standards (safety, energy efficiency, etc.) and meet the complex, specific needs of our clients.


We’re well-versed in the important role that warehouse and distribution logistics play in the industry. It’s no accident that our headquarters, the heart of the company, is adjacent to our 10,000 m2 warehouse.

To stay competitive in the marine industry (on dry docks and especially while in service), we’ve had to reinvent logistics from scratch, ensuring that deliveries coincide perfectly with vessels as they travel the globe. This means guaranteeing the availability of materials and managing projects in different countries so that deadlines are met, no matter where the ship is on that date.
With so much at stake, mistakes simply are not an option.
It’s a demanding but exciting road to take, one which has made sure we’re always prepared, ready for the most difficult logistical challenges that come our way.

Cutting-edge project management

At Ellevi, project management is understood as the fusion of knowledge, ability, tools and techniques to meticulously plan each phase of a given project.
To us, constant communication and coordination with the client and all other professionals involved is essential.

So, we’ve developed special proprietary solutions in collaboration with the Project Management Institute and the American Production and Inventory Control Society to remotely manage and oversee even the smallest details, in real time.

We make use of platforms dedicated to client, ship and order management, and we’ve equipped our experts out in the field with tools that speed up the measurement phase by directly exchanging information with Ellevi headquarters. In addition, we’re able to constantly monitor each part of a project to dynamically allocate the required resources.

This advanced degree of automation makes it possible to offer our clients the peace of mind that comes from an always-active monitoring console. Verification of the work in progress is just a click away, ensuring it’s on track with established objectives.

Our added value

Made in Italy quality

For us, Made in Italy means paying attention to every detail and adding that extra touch of style and elegance which should never be overlooked.

Flexibility and dynamism

We understand the difficulties of a complex project. So we know how to continually change the parameters to adapt to every situation.

Attention to detail

For us, there are things that are done well and those that are not. And done well means paying attention to every aspect of the production chain, to every little detail throughout the process.

Logistical efficiency

We control costs through accurate logistical planning and our ability to deal with unforeseen events.

Speed and punctuality

In our sector time means money: we know that in addition to the quality of the work, it is essential to meet the timescales agreed at the start of the project.

In-house production

We manage the production aspect first and foremost: this is the only way to guarantee excellent quality materials and assembly.