About us

Founded in 1976, Ellevi got its start making hand-crafted furniture. The company evolved over the years, project after project, client after client, to become an important player providing furnishings for various industries, from boutiques, shopping centres and large office spaces to the cruise ship refurbishing field.

Starting from our headquarters in Nova Milanese, we’ve worked all around the globe, designing and successfully completing logistically challenging projects.

Today, in addition to our main offices in Nova Milanese, we have branches in Miami and London, two of the world’s most important international business hubs. And of course, we work with people, equipment, knowledge, resources and technology just about everywhere.

Over the past few decades, we’ve continued to innovate in terms of means and methods, growing and evolving along with the market.
This 40-year journey has provided us with the organisational abilities, skills and contacts to successfully address the complex challenges of today and tomorrow.

Company mission

We believe that the client won’t be satisfied until the end user is satisfied.
For this reason, our mission isn’t limited to the usual deadlines and budget constraints, which are of course a priority to us.

As we work, we never forget that the end user is at the heart of every project, and that quality can never come in second place. At Ellevi, that means durable, long-lasting materials, quality as perceived value and, last but not least, quality understood as beauty.
As we plan the décor of each room, we ask ourselves how we would ideally use it. It’s the only way to truly add value, going above and beyond the needs of our clientele.

Ellevi Group

Since the day it was founded in 1976, the Ellevi Group has been putting Made-in-Italy values into practice, combining decades of craftsmanship with cutting-edge production methods and technologies in different industries.”