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Grand Celebration

 Ellevi, a leading company for years in the field of cruise ship refurbishing, is now proposing to its customers a new model of orders management able to perfection an “all inclusive” ship refurbishment service.
Ellevi guarantees the shipowner companies a single intermediary in the management of refurbishment works planned during the short time the ship is docked.
A model tested successfully in the spring of 2008, thanks to a close collaboration with some of the leading companies in the field, as Bolici and Precetti, on the occasion of a complete refurbishment of the cruise ship Grand Celebration.

Ellevi, head of the project’s logistic management, is skilled to coordinate all the production stages, from the inventory to the shipment, to the optimization of handling personnel and loading and unloading of goods, before, during and after the shipyard stage.

Purchased from the Carnival Cruise Lines, now owned by Ibercruceros, the Carnival Celebration has been totally refurbished in just 50 days during a 500km long   journey across the Atlantic Ocean, from the harbour of Jacksonville, Florida, to Genoa, Italy.
In Jacksonville for the Grand Celebration a containers loading/unloading plan has been set in order to integrate requirements of demolition and disposal for as many materials as possible from all areas, guaranteeing at the same time the loading of material necessary both to the contractors and the deck personnel for the following days of navigation. The works involved the lounge and reception areas as well as cabins and private bathrooms, and public areas.
    The planning, production and set up have determined an inclusive operation capable of revolutioning and renewing the functionality and design of interiors, with planning and productive actions concerning interior design items, adapting the electricity and water facilities and the conditioning and light system.
A special care and attention are crucial to maintain the best conditions of cleanness and order in all areas, both on deck and on the dock, with the advantage of simplifying and accelerating the tasks, elevating and guaranteeing an excellent general security level.

In the specific case of the Grand Celebration, planning has proven a critical factor of success and it has allowed to create operating spaces and the best conditions to optimize the multiple works in the short crossing time.  This result was possible thanks to the presence of a professional organization, able to create and lead the synergies among partners, widening and integrating the strategic vision of the single projects towards a shared goal: to guarantee the shipowner a delivery of the ship in perfect service conditions by the agreed delivery time.  

With the purpose of reaching constantly higher levels of optimization and coordination between the engine, hull and hotel activities, Ellevi is widening its activities through the acquisition of shipyards and drydocks.  
A mission of production excellence, allowing to offer its customers higher and higher quality standards, reliable and convenient services. 


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